Gujarat Patidar Business Organization

A vision to strengthen the business network within the community
Gujarat Patidar Business Organization a.k.a GPBO is an Android and iOS based app developed with the aim of connecting the dots between
the business community of the Patidar Samaj. The overall purpose is to lift each other up by helping to grab business opportunities.

  • For iOS : Swift
  • Model : B2B
  • For Android : Java
  • Language : English
  • For backend : MySQL, Laravel

About Client

Headquartered in Gandhinagar, Gujarat Sardardham Vishwa Patidar Kendra was established to connect the internal community for the overall growth of the community. It aims to bring 1,00,000 industrialists together by 2026.

Challenges before the app

  • No records of meetings and presentees
  • No centralized system or source for data
  • Poor decision making and no clarity on future plan
  • Business reference was through word of mouth
  • No large network to share business
  • Unawareness about the available business within the community
  • No records of flow of business
  • Lack of engagement
  • Lack of awareness of government job opportunities
  • No connection between rural and urban business opportunities

Client's requirements

The client came to us for a digital solution to meet their ultimate goal of generating internal business
opportunities. A platform where business giver can post the requirements and opportunity seekers can
make the best use of it. The client also wishes to get every member’s activity report with a single touch.

How did the process get started?

Our team of mobile app development studied the whole requirement and problems faced by the client.

The expert developer prepared a plan for the entire application architecture.

After several attempts and discussions with the client, app designers prepared a wireframe, and details about navigation, diagrams, data flows were cited.

Once the client approved the plan, the execution was on the floor.

Salient features of App

  • Easy to post the requirement
  • Seamless and quick navigation
  • Meeting features with area and registration name details
  • A platform to advertise about the business
  • A platform to find the right talent for your job requirement
  • Community events details
  • Great UX/UI
  • Separate registration for members and guests
  • Ease to create world class business profile

Company statistics

  • Wings: whole community is divided into 11 wings according to geograpical areas
  • Total members: 518+
  • Total guests: 374
  • A single wing received 5 crores business
  • More than 5000+ business reference were shared

Scenario after the App

GPBO app has given ease to the members of the community as now things were on records. Now requirements get fulfilled easily as everyone knows who wants what and the service provider can grab the business opportunity. The user-friendly and engaging app is perfect to avail the best business and employment opportunities. Apart from that meeting feature was added to record the manual meeting with the area and name details.

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