Time to say goodbye to long queues of the pharmacy store with simpilli app. It is a mobile and web app, helping deliver medicine at your doorstep with no contact delivery. The platform connects consumers and nearby pharmacies to deliver the prescribed medicines. Its interaction features i.e. real-time chat, audio, and video call can help to remove all queries related to the medication.

Technology Stack

  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Java
  • Backend: MySQL, Laravel
  • Chat: Node (Socket)
  • Audio & Video call :
  • Graphic Design : Adobe XD
  • Model : B2B, B2C
  • Language Option : English

Before The App

  • Higher chances of contamination during the pandemic time.
  • The Lockdown situation made people stay inside their homes.
  • Difficult to find a nearby pharmacy.
  • Difficult for the senior citizen to collect medicines from the pharmacy store.

What was the client's requirement?

The client asked for a Digital Medication Delivery solution that can be easy to use for all; be it a 10-year kid or 80 years old guy. He wants a platform that connects nearby pharmacies and consumers with the option of the video call and chat. It should also enable prescription to scan & upload to get the medicines at the doorstep.

Challenges with the project

  • Order management was a major challenge.
  • Difficulty in connecting different pharmacies on a common platform.
  • The limited-time was another major constraint.

Our strategy

Keeping all requirements of the client in mind, our tech team developed a blueprint and layout of the app. Once we got a nod from the client, we were ready to start the process with a bang. Multipz technology wishes to accommodate all high-tech features without compromising on the application's navigational ease.

simpilli mobile and web app

Salient features of the app

  • Easy to scan and upload prescription
  • Offer home delivery or pickup facility
  • Get medicines delivered from a nearby pharmacy based on your current location
  • Offer real-time chat option
  • The consumer can make call request for medication discussion at the pharmacy store
  • Video/audio call request option: Here pharmacist will revert to customers at an appropriate time
  • Easy for the delivery boy to track the location
  • For takeaway: no queue as the medicine kit will be ready when the consumer reaches the store
  • Generate ticket option for feedback

Before and after app scenario

During the pandemic time, the fear of the virus was more contagious than the virus itself. It was difficult to find the right medication at the right time from the nearby pharmacy.

However, after the app, life becomes peaceful as people do not have to leave their house to get medicines as it can be delivered at their doorstep. Even pharmacies find the app useful as it keeps the momentum of business flow. The app is a win-win solution for both parties, i.e. consumers and the pharmacy.