Presenta is an AI-enabled accounting solution for Android and iOS platforms. With the help of this application, it becomes easy to do some tough accounting, taxation, and payroll tasks. We have built an app that helps our client to get financial reports with a few clicks. This app not only reduces human effort but also saves valuable time.

Technology Stack

  • iOS: Swift
  • Android: Java
  • Backend: MySQL, Laravel
  • AI: Scala
  • Chat: Node (Socket)
  • Model: B2B
  • Language option: English and German

Our strategy

After discussing the client's requirements and expectations, our team comes up with a blueprint of software and application. Multipz Technology wants software not just to be limited to a particular problem of this client, but wishes to solve the biggest problem of the accounting sector. This idea brings AI cards on the table. We developed a software where all necessary documents can get uploaded and AI can tally and save it. It also facilitates generating quarterly reports with just a click.

About Client

Presenta AG is a leading name in Liechtenstein for taxes, auditing, and accounting services. It helps private individuals and firms in providing a suitable strategy and planning in accounting. It is an over 30 years old company and one of the reliable names in accounting.

What was the client's requirement?

The need of the client was to make the use of technology for a better and reliable accounting process. They want a solution that can reduce human effort by uploading, verifying, and saving documents. Overall, the requirement was to have a convenient and secured app that maximizes revenues and opportunities.

Challenges before the app

  • High work pressure
  • Unsatisfied clients
  • Tons of paperwork
  • Less productivity
  • The chances of error were high
  • Mismanagement resulted in a reduced number of clients

Challenges with the project

  • No such app exists, so there was no reference
  • Automatch of bank receipt was a big hurdle
  • Setting and implementing AI algorithms
Presenta application
Presenta app

Salient features of the app

  • Reduces the human efforts with AI
  • AI fetch data from multiple documents
  • Facilitate auto match of documents
  • Chat option to connect with the representative of the company
  • An option to choose quarter or annual base services
  • Each client gets an assigned individual representative
  • Service option like taxation, auditing, payroll are available

Before and after app scenario

Before the app, Presenta executives used most of their valuable time on doing manual entry of each bill and bank details. Any error on entries adds additional hours on the revision and thus leads to more time consumption and work pressure. Further, multiple clients add up more performance pressure on executives.

However, after the app, the work of executives became easy as they just have to verify the uploaded documents. It enables them to give more time in planning and proposing clients with many other financial benefits, which were not a usual case before.

The chat option in the app bridges the communication gap between client and executive, and further, it helps in strengthening the relationship. Multiple filter options give the freedom to sort out the required documents without shuffling tons of other documents.

Presenta app helps in saving a lot of time and effort, further leading to minimal chances of errors.